Understanding Audiences through Evaluation
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Understanding Audiences through Evaluation

Why do visitors come to your museum? What excites (or disappoints) them about your new exhibit? Do they find your institution important in their lives? Why? Why not? Wouldn't you love to know the answers to these questions? Imagine what it would mean to your museum to find ways to ask these questions and build a conversation with your visitors.newark museum

Beverly Sheppard, former director of the Institute for Learning Innovation, will host this participatory workshop
and introduce the basics of evaluation, in addition to incorporating numerous examples of practical evaluation techniques.

There will be a "Part II" of this series offered over the summer which will provide more in depth training on how
to gather information on your audience and apply it to
your organization's programming.

Monday June 12 at Plainfield Public Library or
Tuesday June 20 at Wheaton Arts in Millville
10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Registration $25, lunch included


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