Capital Needs Survey

What is the Capital Needs Survey?
The survey will collect information on the repair, restoration, and improvement needs of historic properties throughout the state.  (Read the official
press release.)

Who can participate?
Publicly or nonprofit owned buildings that may participate include: historic museums, farmsteads, factories, theaters, museums, houses of worship, fire houses, libraries, railroad stations, schools and more. Buildings owned by private homeowners or businesses are not eligible for this survey. The form may be completed by an owner, site manager or other interested party.

What will I need for the survey?
The survey will pose questions about a building’s use, repair needs, projected repair costs, and participation in heritage tourism. The survey must be completed on line, but you may request a digital copy of the survey by emailing, or by downloading the PDF.

How long do I have to complete the survey?
The survey lasts until May 1, 2012.

What will the information be used for?
The survey will quantify the significant capital need for New Jersey's historic sites. A Capital Needs Survey in 1990 identified capital needs of more than $400 million. The results of that survey helped garner public support for three historic preservation bond referendums in the 1990s, and sustained historic preservation funding from the Garden State Preservation Trust from 2000 to 2010.

To complete the survey, visit:                                                                


Call the New Jersey Historic Trust at 609 984 0473 or email