Heritage Tourism Grants
Application & Instructions

The 2021 grant round is now open! All applicants are required to submit the online application, as well as a USB with all required attachments by the application deadline of April 29, 2021 at 4:00pm. The Trust has also provided Word and PDF versions of the application so that applicants can view the application in its entirety. We highly recommend that you type your answers into the Word version of the application first, and then copy/paste into the online application to avoid any potential loss of data. 

Click here for the Online Heritage Tourism Application.

Click here for the Word version of the Heritage Tourism Application.

Click here for the PDF version of the Heritage Tourism Application.

Below is a link to the Heritage Tourism Supporting Documents Checklist. This checklist lists all of the attachments for the 2021 Heritage Tourism application. The attachments must be uploaded onto a USB drive and delivered either via mail or in-person to the Trust office by April 29, 2021 at 4:00pm. If you are having trouble completing all of the required attachments, please reach out to NJHT staff directly.

Click here for the Heritage Tourism Supporting Documents Checklist.

Eligible Applicants

Nonprofit organizations are not eligible to apply for projects that benefit churches and houses of worship.

All applicants must submit the signed Applicant Assurances page with each application. It should be included as Attachment B on the USB drive. 

Eligible Properties

For Heritage Tourism grants, at least one resource involved in the project must be either:

  • Individually listed in the NJ or National Register of Historic Places
  • Contributing resource to a historic district listed in the NJ or National Register OR
  • Certified eligible for listing by the Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

The property must be listed or certified eligible for listing by August 2, 2021 in order to be considered for funding in this grant round.  


There are no ownership or lease requirements for Heritage Tourism grants, but if the applicant does not own the resource, they should demonstrate support for the project from the resource owners through the Owner Assurances (Attachment B) and/or documentation of community support (Attachment G) on the USB drive.

Eligible Activities
  • Visitor-readiness assessments
  • Visitor evaluations and/or development of performance evaluation measures
  • Interpretive planning for one or multiple sites and/or to develop and enhance linkages between sites
  • Design and fabrication of interpretive signage or literature
  • Marketing plans and studies
  • Design and fabrication of marketing materials
  • Training and workshops, including speaker honoraria, that create, foster, or enhance linkages between sites.

If a heritage tourism planning activity other than those listed above is proposed, please consult with staff to determine if it is an eligible activity.

Please see the 2021 Grant Guidelines for a list of ineligible activities. Contact Historic Trust staff if you do not see your proposed activity listed. 

Grant Requests & Matching Funds

Heritage Tourism grant requests may range from $5,000 to $50,000. There is a 3:1 match, meaning the applicant must provide at least $1 in matching funds for every $3 of grant money requested. 

For example, if the grant request is $30,000, the applicant must match that with another $10,000, making a total budget of $40,000. 

Criteria for Funding

The following criteria will be used to evaluate and rank applications for these grant funds:

  • Degree to which the project enhances or benefits the visitor experience at the resource(s)
  • Degree to which the project fosters the goals and objectives of the New Jersey Heritage Tourism Plan
  • Degree to which the project addresses the development of heritage tourism within an already existing plan or aims to create a broader regional tourism plan or initiative
  • Project concept and team, including: the quality and appropriateness of the project, proposed consultants, budget, and schedule
  • Organizational ability, including: the degree to which the applicant will build upon this proposal and continue to foster heritage tourism, and the availability of matching funds
  • Public benefit, including: potential to reach new audiences, potential to promote other cultural and heritage tourism activities, ability to create links between multiple sites, demonstrated community support, distribution of funds throughout the state and to a variety of projects, and ability of this grant to make a difference in the quality of this project