Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund

The Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Fund was established by legislation in 2016 to provide an annual source of matching grants from the state’s corporate business tax for historic preservation projects. The Preserve New Jersey Fund continues the work of the Garden State Historic Preservation Trust Fund (2000-2012) and the Historic Preservation Bond Program (1990-1997). Since 1990, more than $145 million in matching grants has been awarded to worthy historic preservation construction and planning projects throughout the state.

How Was the Preserve New Jersey Fund Established?

In November 2014, New Jersey voters approved a change to the state constitution to provide a stable source of funding for open space, farmland, and historic preservation by dedicating funds from the Corporate Business Tax.

The implementing legislation (S2456) was passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor in June 2016. The legislation defines the percentage of funding for the Historic Preservation Fund at 5 percent (likely between $3 and 4 million in available grant funds each year). However, the specific amount of available funding each year will be determined upon the resolution of that year's budget.

2019 Grant Round Overview

The 2019 grant round is now closed. Check back for information on the 2020 grant round!


Click here for more information about Capital grants.

Click here for more information about Historic Site Managment (HSM) grants.

Click here for more information about Heritage Tourism grants.

Eligible Applicants

Nonprofit organizations are not eligible to apply for projects that benefit churches and houses of worship


Read the guidelines carefully before applying. The guidelines include important information about eligible applicants and activities, criteria for evaluation, schedule for review, and more. 



Check back for information on the 2020 grant application!

Supporting Documents

The Trust requires supporting documents to accompany the application. These documents should be uploaded to a USB Drive and must be received via mail or in-person by the grant deadline.

Supporting documents should be organized into labeled folders that correspond to the appropriate application section. The USB drive must also contain a Table of Contents listing all supporting documents on the drive. 

The supporting documents checklist varies depending on the grant type. Click the links above for a pdf of the checklist for your grant type.

Applicant Workshop

The Preserve New Jersey 2019 Applicant Workshop was held Monday, March 4, 2019. To access the a PDF of the PowerPoint presentation from the workshop, click here. For more detailed information about the specific grant types and requirements please see the 2019 Grant Guidelines



Click here for additional resources to help with your application.