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Romer Shoal lighthouse suffered damage from Sandy
Sandy Disaster Relief Grants for Historic Properties

In November 2014, Governor Christie announced $11 million in grant awards to Sandy-damaged projects in 12 counties.  Read the announcement.

Grant funds will be paid to grantees on a reimbursement basis according to the progress of completed work and approval of all work by program staff. No match is required for these grant funds. The funds can only be used for pre-approved, eligible non-construction and construction activities. Grants were awarded based on criteria including historic significance, severity and nature of the storm damage, appropriateness of the project to repair storm-related damage, project cost and public benefit, ability of the applicant to manage and complete the project successfully, and grant fund distribution.

The New Jersey Historic Trust continues to administer the open grant projects. 

Profiles of the awarded grants are included in the 2014 NJ Historic Trust Annual Report. 

Program Information

Purpose Statement
The purpose of the Sandy Disaster Relief Grants for Historic Properties is to provide funding to repair and restore historic and archaeological resources that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Only storm-related damage is eligible for grant assistance.

Program History
On behalf of the National Park Service, the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office offers grant assistance for the repair, restoration and rehabilitation of properties that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy and that are listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The grant program is being administered by the New Jersey Historic Trust.

Quick Facts:

Eligible Applicants:

  • Certified non-profit organizations
  • Places of public accommodation
  • Entities of municipal and county government
  • Religious properties

Ineligible Applicants:

  • Private home owners
  • Federal agencies
  • NJ State agencies